VIP Membership


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由 2021年6月1日起
凡於ENS COMPANY 購物滿HKD$5,000 即可成為VIP 會員
最高可獲HKD$1,000 電子現金
1. 單一購物淨額滿HKD$5,000即可獲得HKD$500 電子現金券
2. 單一購物淨額滿HKD$10,000 或以上即可獲得HKD$1,000 電子現金
  • 憑單一購物淨額滿HKD$5,000,即可使用HKD$500 電子現金,購物滿HKD$10,000 ,可使用HKD$1,000 電子現金
  • 所有電子現金必須於下次購物才可使用
  • 以上單一購物的金額並不計算購買任何GIA 鑽石及1.00CT 或以上之天然寶石
  • 電子現金於每年度的 6月30日及12月31日為結算日所有電子現金不設累積
  • 電子現金必須於有效期內使用, 否則自動作廢
  •  電子現金不可轉讓及分拆不同會員的電子現金亦不可合併使用。
  • 電子現金不可兌換為現金或其他用途
  •  VIP 會員必須成功登入 會藉才即時生效否則,將不獲發電子現金
  •  ENS COMPANY 會透過電郵或手機短訊向會員發送會員優惠及推廣的通知。會員須提供正確的電郵地址及手機號碼,以免錯失重要通知。
  •  ENS COMPANY 有權隨時修改此電子現金之使用條款而不作另行通知。如有爭議,最終將以ENS COMPANY 之決定為準。





1. Purchase upon $5000 or above, you can get the $500 E-Cash Coupon.
2. Purchase upon $10,000 or above, you can get the $1,000 E-Cash Coupon.

  • One HK$500 e-Cash Coupon can be used for each HK$5,000 spent, one HK$1,000 e-Cash Coupon can be used for each HK$10,000 spent.
  • All E-Cash Coupon must be used in the next purchase.
  • The purchase amount does not include any GIA diamonds and natural gemstones of 1.00 CT or above.
  • E-Cash Coupons are valid until June 30 and December 31 each year. All E-Cash Coupons are not accumulated.
  • Expired E-Cash Coupon will be automatically forfeited.
  • E-Cash Coupon cannot be transferred or split, E-Cash Coupon of different members cannot be used in combination.
  • E-Cash Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash or other purposes.
  • Members must successfully login to, otherwise, no E-Cash Coupon will be issued.
  • ENS COMPANY will send member offers and promotion notifications via email or SMS. Applicants must ensure that the information submitted on the registration form is authentic, accurate, complete to avoid missing any promotion.
  • ENS COMPANY reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of E-Cash Coupon without prior notice, and of final decision on all matters of dispute.